About six kilometer away from Noormahal, which enjoy special place during mughal reign is located
a beautiful village Sanghe Khalsa. One Kilometer away from Sher-Shah Suri Marg, from Nurmahal to Nakodar road, one canal passes through this village and a railway line passes hereby which connects Phillaur to Ferozepur. From different side three concrete roads enter in this village.


The foundation of village sanghe Khalsa is laid by Chaudhary Daya Chand in 1704 Bikrami Samat and in English in 1647, Daya Chand Ji was from Surname Sanghe and they settled here from Khalsa Sanghe or Harimpur. It is 52 years before the establishment of Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh. Then this village was known as Sanghe of Daya.
Daya Chand’s brother Matko Chand laid the foundation of village Sanghe Jagir. The village is on the other side of the main road. As the influence of Sikhism raised in area of Manjki Doaba under the establishment of Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh, this village was given a new home Sanghe Khalsa. Elders of Sanghe Surname played an important part in Sikhism movement during construction of The Golden Temple a person named Umar Shah who was from Surname Sanghe laid the foundation bricks. Nand Chand Ji, grandson of Umar Shah was minister of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, who is known as Diwan Nand Chand Ji in History. He had showed his bravery in battle of Bhangni.


The names of the first eight generation are traced from the record of Haridwar but nothing about their life style is known. Some information about the elders of 9th and 10th generation was present between years 1890 to 1950. Instead of uneducated they were moose wise than today’s educated persons. The biggest proof. their wisdom in their mutual co-operation.
S. Harnam Singh, At present the eldest persons of the village Sardar Kartar Singh, Darshan Singh and Karnail Singh explains that if any family got short of group of Oxens or the souring of field was delayed due to some other reason the other elders of village with each others consent row the field during night time and also give strength to concerned family and small trifles were solved in village. Going to police station was concerned as insult to this village. Same well known persons of this village were – Harnam Singh, Partap Singh, Wariyam Singh, Harnam Singh Madra, Saddu Ram, Ram Chand, Sher Singh, Gobinda, Labhu, Hear, Budhu, Sau, Jean, Surain Singh, Sunder, Mangal, Wadhawa, Rala, Mangta, Ratan Singh, Shaju, Ram Singh, Fakiria, Polo, Waryama, Maghi, Manju etc.
It is listened that Madra Harnam Singh was very sweat talking and gave respect to others. If
waryam_singhsomeone passes through village or relative of any village, he always asked for drink. The second Harnam Singh who was known as Bhupe kiya da Harnam Singh, his biggest quality was the upliftme

Pandit Saddu Ram who was the Numberdar of the village was so firm in truth speaking that even the officers bowed against him. From the Ramgarhia’s Buddhu and Ram Kishen ere of saintly nature and they spend their entire life in making equipments of farming and house building. Lalu, Chaunkidar of village was a humorous character. Wariam Singh was the first elder person of Sanghe Khalsa who settled down in Canada during 1925. The elders of 11th generation migrate towards England. It is a long interested story which will be explained on next pages of website. Elder persons said that Zamindars were in majority but instead of them there were housed of Muslims, who had taken other fields as their occupation and moved to Pakistan during Partition of India.
nt of others. During any engagement or marriage ceremony showing anyone down was against his nature. It was famous in other villages that if any dispute was not solved the people said to call Harnam of sanghe Khalsa if they want to settle the dispute and even in village no one goes against the verdict of both Harnam Singh.
The 11th generation of Sanghe Khalsa starts moving toward other foreign countries. Form the 10th generation, the elder person named Wariam Singh moved to Canada in 1906 in search of good jo


b and after hard work of 19 years in 1925 he called his family to Canada. Right in this way Batan Singh Kishan Singh, Bishen Singh were first to move to America. Joginder Singh was the first person to reach England and Jarnail Singh was first to reach Singapore. As the time passed, the villagers of Sanghe Khalsa were settled in foreign countries. at prese
nt in England, Canada, America, Germany, Italy, Austria, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi etc. different business are running accurately of the people of Sanghe Khalsa. At the time of arrival everyone thought that they would come back after five or seven years after earning money but every one become prisoner of this sweat cell. But the only one person of this village Sardar Kartar Singh fulfilled his thinking and come back to Punjab after working for seven years in England and in 2006 near the 100 yrs of his age he goes to city two times on his bicycle.
Whereas leading prosperous life in foreign countries the people of Sanghe Khalsa gives full contribution in making village clean and in providing other facilities also. In 1993 an overseas welfare committee was established to make Sanghe Khalsa a Model Gram Village which is working in a well planned manner. More information about overseas committees’ achievements, concepts and coming up projects will be given on next page of website.


The coming up of overseas committee was a beautiful incident, which changed village to a great level. In general there you will not find even single Indian whose heart is not filled with desire to do
something. Everyone wants that their village should be clean and green and every facility should be provided to the villagers. But to handle the obstacles in creating
these facilities and to give practical shape to theory and desires they have no time. But foreigners of Sanghe Khalsa have done great job from 1993 to present day. To do this work, they spare time from their personal life, they spend their own money and contribute amount from their hard-earned money and create symbol of mutual co-operation. Right form childhood we have seen that Nazar Singh who is living in Canada from 1925 whenever comes to village always says that I am ready to spend money, do whatever you want.
I want to make Hospital or school, but due to two groups in village nothing comes to conclusion and he goes back with heavy-heart. In seventh decade of 20th century, some students of primary and middle school leaving their studies went abroad. During their life on clean earth of England and Canada, years after year passed under the rule of Englishmen but they always felt home Sick in their heart and mind. Whenever they get write on some ceremony discussions for the development of the village wer


e held high. In 1992, a person named Santokh went to Canada to attend a marriage ceremony. During their gossip Nazar Singh told Santokh Singh that if all the villagers agree I’ll give my home for the building of the school. Santokh told his childhood friends Nirmal and Satnam about these proposals. After this discussions were made, meetings were held and written few days a discussion was made to create a committee which would write the village, Letters were send to village, advise from the villagers were seek out an everyone agreed.
They signed or thumb sign was made on the paper showing their consent. A document was send
to Nazar Singh and after seeing it he declared to give his property for school. Sanghe khalsa overseas committee was established this committee is different one. In general there is voting system and president, secretary and Finance holder of Sanghe khalsa overseas committee. Shri Guru Granth Sahib is recognized as Supreme rural and all the N.R.I. villag

Decisions were made that committee will work with co-operations of panchayat. Instead of any Sarpanch, committee will support him for the development of village and with financial help every field of village will be developed. The project of this committee was to build up new building of the school. In England Mohinder Singh, Nirmal Singh, Santokh SinghGurdawar Singh, Sarwan Singh and Darbara Singh 


took initiative collecting funds in England and Satnam Singh and Tara Singh in Canada doe’s the same duty. The 100% people contributed for this Nobel cause. According to set aims the fulfill the necessity of funds many English ways were adopted. England born school guys walked for 25 miles and collected 600 pounds. By hiring a water-trip was organized for the village brothers and sisters. A ticket was to borrow and this amount of 2500 pound was given to committee.ers are member of this committee. Everyone has welcomed who can spare for the development of the village. He will be regarded as active member. Committee is ruled by principles of Sikhism. Now everyone N.R.I. and villagers contributed according to their conditions.
A party was organized in Canada also in which all the villagers of Sanghe Khalsa contributed to a
higher extent. In England Villagers Fun Day was organized in which all the villagers of Sanghe Khalsa took part and contributed in fund. Nazar Singh from Canada arrived specially for this purpose. Impressed by organization of this Fun Day Nazar Singh announced that he will pay for the Construction of main gate of Sanghe Khalsa. Active member


s accepted the proposal under the governance of overseas committee. In this function England born guys a gals presents Bhangra items and announcement from stage was made that the villagers who were willing to get charge of work and were able to pay their fares for journey to Punjab can tell their names. Some villagers offered their names. Mostly N.R.I. visits Punjab during months of January and February. So it was decided to start the project from January. At First duty was assigned to Sarwan Singh and Mohan Singh who were going to village.
 It was decided that the land should be properly filled and balanced with mud. After that Nirmal Singh from England and Satnam Singh form Canada will start the construction of building. After their departure charge was taken by Santokh from England and after him Mohinder Singh will take the charge. In these way duties was changed from time to time. All the villagers will go hand in hand to make it success and it happens in the same way. From 1993 from the construction of school building the villagers of Sanghe Khalsa go forward and forward and never look back. The development is going on even now and detail is given on next pages of the web site.

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